Tobias is the Computer Gizz of the family. God knows how long he spends in front of the monitor playing games no other member of the family understands.
Tobi has finished school - and has decided to become a legal person. He started his studies in Kiel - but had to stop abruptly for delivering his civil service. Now this time is over - helped him a lot to become a more rounded person !

Next step in his professional education was becoming an Medic Emergency Assistant. So he had to pass a difficult theoretical exam first and now has to do 1000 hours practical work on an Ambulance car. Very hard job ! But a great thing to do for him - as he really likes it.
Good as well as he met Steffi on the job.

Finally he decided to study Economical Engeneering (a very German thing) and finished with his MBA very successfully.

Now he is working for a large insurance company - already becoming teamleader.

More importantly - he and Steffi are now parents of grandson Nicklas !!! And what lovely parents they are...