Relaxing in the sun
Relaxing in the sun

Before she met me (or partly inbetween)

After having successfully convinced people:

- to buy Socks
- to sell out of Catalogues
- to brush teeth with Colgate Total, smell like "Cleopatra" and clean with Ajax
- to eat Kellogs Cornflakes
- to use TESA strips

she finally gave up on commercial products and is now focussing on convincing me ! Successfully - so far !

Within the last years now Christine has started her Dog-Whispering-Business. Luckily the phone rings frequently and she starts "repairing" the misbehaving animals of the region. Quite often actually it is not the dog ... but the other end of the lead who needs a behavioural maintenance.

Have a look on her great web-page or see her on her on Facebook